"Managed Services" is the top buzz phrase in our industry. When this term comes up, pay attention for subjects like "billing the customer".  If it’s referenced in their presentation of their Managed Services, they likely don’t understand Managed Services.

With IT Solutions, Managed Services is about setting up the correct processes and procedures to fix problems on a customer’s network before the customer knows they have a problem.  Managed Services has absolutely nothing to do with how one bills for the work.

Think about it.  They tell you they monitor your network 24/7, then they have a “Help Desk” for you to call them when you have a problem?  If they were really monitoring and fixing your problems proactively, why would they need a Help Desk (or a ‘Hold Desk’ as is often the case)?

IT Solutions does not have a Hold Desk because we don't need one.  When a customer calls they get a real technician every time, never a Help Desk.  Our monitoring is so advanced that our techs spend less than 10% of their time answering calls from customers.