Unlike most others selling IT Services, IT Solutions does not have any commissioned salespeople that make money by selling hardware.  While we do sell hardware, we only do it when it makes sense for the customer.  It needs to be replacing an existing piece of hardware that has failed, is failing, is at End of Life, solves a need or problem the customer has, solves a potential problem for the customer, or it needs to save the customer money.

Our Managed IT Services  plans cover everything, including maintaining your hardware. We keep spare parts in stock and, in most cases, dispatch our own techs to replace hardware.  Most hardware failures are fixed the same day, even on weekends and holidays.

When a server has a hardware failure on the weekend, unless one is paying a lot for priority service, the best they will get is someone on-site with a part sometime on Tuesday. They will be down for one to two days.

With us, we will have someone on site on the weekend, to get everything working before your workday starts on Monday morning.  In most cases, the customer won’t even know they went down, unless we tell them.