A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a promise from your IT company on how fast they will  start working on a problem.  This is typically four hours, or two hours if you pay more money.

Hold on a second...These terms specify a company could wait up to four hours before work is started, with no guarantee when it will end?!?

Not acceptable.  IT Solutions has never drafted an SLA with any client.  We don’t need one. Because our work is 70% proactive and almost entirely behind the scenes, so a tech can easily pause a proactive project to react when a customer needs them.

If you present us with a problem impacting your ability to get work done, we are working on it within a matter of minutes--not two to four hours.  Non-critical requests receive the appropriate response based on a determination between our customer and us.  Mission critical?  IT Solutions techs are working on it immediately, and we will dispatch a technician for onsite if need in just a few minutes.