We have lost track of the number of times a customer THINKS their data is being backed up, but it is not.  They realize they have a problem when they need something from their backups, and it is not available for them.   Most backup solutions are "set it and forget it", or they only monitor backups to verify the backup ran without errors. That is often not enough.

At IT Solutions we use a fully Managed and Monitored Backup solution that tests the integrity of every backup to make sure it is readable.  If the integrity check fails, a ticket is created, and a technician investigates and fixes the problem.  One of our credos is, “If you haven’t tested it, it doesn’t work.”

Most of our customer elect to use our off-site storage.  Our storage plans include storing customers’ backups in two different data centers in two different cities so the chance of anything less than a nuke destroying both of them is very slim.  We offer a cloud storage option for customers that want an additional copy stored in a different state.