Many larger companies, and companies that do software development, have their own in-house IT department.  As with most business decisions, there are pros and cons for doing that.  IT Solutions works with companies that have their own in-house IT people to help them maximize the efficiency of their IT department, minimize their IT costs, and better protect their network(s).

Our ability to automate many common things costs less than your team doing it themselves, and ensures they get done.  In addition, IT Solutions spends tens of thousands of dollars every year protecting our network and our customers’ networks. Spreading that cost across dozens of customers makes it affordable to everyone.

While every situation is different, in general, IT work that is specialized to a particular business or industry is best done by employees at that business. IT work that is common to most businesses, is best outsourced to IT Solutions.  Here are some of the ways we help businesses with their own IT departments:

  1. Automating common processes: At IT Solutions we have been automating tasks for better efficiency for decades, which is rarely on option for in-house IT. This means we can get these tasks done faster and with fewer mistakes
  2. Network Monitoring: Our proactive monitoring has also been developed over many decades. We can monitor your network to detect problems before they impact your workflow.  We can program each alert separately to go to our staff, your staff, or both.
  3. Backups: Backups are one of the most important parts of any network, but unfortunately frequently done as a set it and forget. Then when needing to recover something, it is discovered that the backups are no good.  At IT Solutions our backup process includes verifying the integrity of every backup.  We have a staff that does this 6 days a week, and it never gets missed because something more important needs to get done.
  4. Projects: Staffing an IT department to cover regular needs usually means the "people power" is not available when special projects need to be done.  Partnering with IT Solutions gets you the extra help you need for special projects.  That way you don’t need to find and hire people, nor pay them between projects.  Businesses that partner with IT Solutions for co-managed IT get a discount on labor for projects.
  5. Cyber Security: Unless you are big enough to have a full-time person dedicated to Cyber Security, your network is most likely in danger of a breech.  It takes a great deal of time to keep up with rapidly changing Cyber Security issues, and that is rarely possible for most businesses with a small  IT department for their infrastructure.  IT Solutions makes this affordable because we can amortize that cost across many different clients.  You benefit from our scale.
  6. Consistency: As a company, we never: call in sick, go on vacation, put in two weeks’ notice, ask for a personal day, nor quit working after putting in an 8 hour day.

No two businesses are the same, nor have the same IT needs.  IT Solutions can create a co-managed IT solution that specifically fits your exact needs, and we can adjust that solution as your needs change.