I am writing this for the benefit of anyone who is, or may be, considering hiring a professional Information Technology firm… I was President of a mid-size Professional Consulting Engineering firm with three offices in eastern Iowa….

We were engineers; not IT specialists.  Our staff needed to be income producing; not IT overhead.  I knew Ray Novick personally when he was in the retail business, and also knew he was a computer expert.  I decided to engage his services to design, manage, and maintain a system that could provide the capabilities necessary, in the highly technical and ever changing Engineering Profession.  We needed to stay current with IT Technology because our “bottom line” depended on it.  We also had a limited budget, so whatever we did had to have a relatively short payback.  As a result, our profits increased more than enough to offset the cost of hiring an outside firm to manage our IT requirements.  It was the right decision.

I would highly recommend Ray Novick’s firm to anyone who needs a business partner to assist with any needs you have in the area of computers and Information Technology.  He is highly skilled in this complex and ever changing field, and always had our best corporate interests at heart.

Steve V. President(retired)
Company has been a customer since 2002

IT Solutions has been great to work with. Our system was a mess when Ray and his staff took over the account. They explained what they were proposing in terms a non-computer person can understand. Shortly after we were involved in a license audit. Again, IT Solutions walked us through the process. It was a long process because of our previous provider. Ray worked with us and arranged everything with Microsoft and now we are good to go. Highly recommend IT Solutions for your computer/network needs.

Scott S. Owner
Company has been a customer since 2017

IT Solutions has been great to work with. Always get an actual tech when we call for service and the response times are very quick. Techs are very knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend IT Solutions for computer/network needs.

Ryan K. Engineer
Company has been a customer since 2002

Text Message to Ray: "I want you to know that I really value and appreciate you and your guys.  I couldn’t do what I do without you."

Tucker B. Engineer
Company has been a customer since 1986

I was working out of state on a big job and a sub-contractor’s notebook had a problem. We could not start working on the project until we got this problem fixed, and we were burning about $1,000/hr doing nothing. He called the IT provider for his company and was told he needed to bring the computer to them, a six hour drive away.

I tried calling my company’s IT provider, but I could not get through to an actual person, just a person saying they would call back in 1-2 hours. So I called IT Solutions, the IT company my wife’s business uses, and Ray had the problem fixed over the phone in less than 10 minutes. If not for Ray, the project would have lost a day and racked up thousands of dollars in costs. Ray saved the day!

Shaun K. Project Manager & Estimator
(Company is not a customer, yet)

In June of 2019, a couple months after we took over managing a network for a new client, and fixed all their problems, we asked the owner how their network was running. His reply was, “My network has not worked this well since 2006 when I only had one computer.”

Dr. Wayne A. Owner
Company has been a customer since 2019