Cyber Security is always a trade-off between Security, Cost and Convenience.  Ignorance, laziness and optimism bias also frequently play a factor. 

Typically, the more one spends, the better their security will be.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) greatly increases security, but also comes with a cost, and many find it inconvenient, until they are breached, then they wish they had it.  MFA for Microsoft 365 has no monthly cost, but still people don’t want to do it because they don’t want the minor inconvenience.

The fastest way to figure out what is NOT a good solution for Cyber Security is when someone tells you that if you purchase X, it will take care of your Cyber Security needs.  That is NEVER true.  Any security solution can be breached.  The best way to protect your network and your data is a layered approach to Cyber Security, never relying on any one solution.

IT Solutions not only uses many of the leading industry solutions available to everyone, but we also create our own custom solutions for Cyber Security that are not available to everyone.  Our custom solutions tend to provide better protection for less money that the third-party solutions.

As every business has different needs, we work with each of our customers to plan and implement the Cyber Security Solutions that are best for them.