IT Solutions serves business in a wide variety fields including:


Medical practices need to deal with complex HIPAA requirements and frequently require specialized equipment and wiring to connect that equipment to your network.  We have extensive experience in all of this and work with hardware and software suppliers to get their equipment and services working on your network.


The legal field deals with many deadlines, electronics filing requirements, the need for a high level of secure remote access and other challenges.  IT Solutions has dealt with all these needs and provides secure easy to use solutions that work.


In manufacturing technology either keeps the line moving or stops the process.  The cost of a manufacturing line coming to a halt from a technology failure, or anything else, is very large.  IT Solutions understand this and builds redundancy and monitoring into their solutions to keep your manufacturing process moving along smoothly


Broadcast requires a lot of specialized hardware and software to keep the signals moving through the studios, out on the air, and to the end user. There is nothing simple anywhere in this process. IT Solutions has supported this industry for decades and dealt with all these different challenges.


Construction requires not only a robust office network, but also access to the data at the construction sites to ensure the project moves forward as planned. IT Solutions covers all this, including getting Internet access to the construction site when there is none available.


Engineering is especially challenging with requirements for high end workstations with high end video cards, large files (some around 1TB for ONE file), AutoCAD and other installations that take hours to run on each workstation, and more. IT Solutions has dealt with and solved all these challenges and more.


People's pets are part of their families and part of ours too. Just look at our Customer Service Manager. We understand the special needs of veterinary clinics and hospitals.  We are ready and able to take care of them.

Seasonal Businesses

Most Managed Services plans focus on the price before the service. Their #1 selling point is a fixed price per month (with lots of exceptions). If you have a seasonal business, that won't work for you. With IT Solutions we create a custom plan for each customer and focus on service first. This way we can offer the benefits of our superior Managed Services along with have the monthly price varying with the seasonality of the specific business.