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IT Services

We offer professional IT Support in Eastern Iowa and beyond.

Managed IT Services

IT Solutions takes a very different approach to managed services than others. Find out how we can get better results for you!

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Co-Managed IT Services

Even companies with their own IT staff can save money and better protect their network by partnering with IT Solutions. Our Cyber Security Team and ability to automate many common tasks, can’t be matched by most in-house IT staff.

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Cyber Security

We spend about $100,000 a year on Cyber Security so our customers don't have to!  Cyber criminals are relentless at trying to break into networks, but so are we! We are committed to protecting your network from Cyber Attacks, giving you peace of mind and at a more affordable amount.

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IT Consulting

IT Solutions is here to work with you to put the best plan together for the technology you need to run your business efficiently.  Doing technology right will save you money.

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Cloud Services

The Cloud is another big term in our industry today.  IT Companies are moving their customers into “The Cloud”.   While The Cloud is a good solution for some, it is not the solution for everyone.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data is not enough. The backups need to be fully managed, monitored and verified to ensure they are available when you need them.

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Computer and Network Hardware

Does your current provider have a sales team that is constantly bothering you trying to “SELL” you more computer and network hardware.  IT Solutions does not have a sales team. We only recommend hardware purchases to a customer when it solves a problem or a potential problem for them.

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IT Solutions is not in the Cloud.  We are right here in Eastern Iowa ready to help you with your technology needs.

Managed Services, Co-Managed Services, Backups, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Networking, Surveillance Systems and more.  Contact Us today for more information on how we can help you.

Other Technology Services

We Support Most Types of Technology

Business Phone Systems

In many cases, a business phone system today is set up like cell phones plans were in the 90s.  They would give you the phones for free if you signed a long-term contact for phone service. Be very careful, as the total cost can be very expensive. Phone systems from IT Solutions typically have a much lower long-term cost, and we have actually saved our customers money by purchasing a new phone system.

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Surveillance Camera Systems

Have you heard the saying that if a deal sound too good to be true it usually is?  Security camera packages at the big box stores are a great example of them. After purchasing and installing the cameras, people are often disappointed to learn that they don’t have features that they wanted a surveillance system to do. With us, we will work with YOU to design a customized surveillance system that fits your needs.

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Network and Other Cabling Services

Whether you need new cabling installed or need existing cabling fixed, IT Solutions has the team to get the job done right for you.

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Automation Services

Automation can be fun, save you time, and make things more secure.  Our automation team has decades of experience in this area and would be happy to give you a demonstration on what automation can do for you.

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Custom Solutions

Many of our customers have proprietary or custom solutions for their businesses.  Some of them, IT Solutions created for them, others we help them maintain.  After decades of supporting all kinds of technology solutions, we can likely help you with whatever you have, or create a custom solution for you.

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Who We Serve

IT Solutions serves businesses in a wide variety of fields including:


Medical practices need to deal with complex HIPAA requirements and frequently...


The legal field deals with many deadlines, electronic filing requirements, confidentiality and more.


In manufacturing technology either keeps the line moving or stops the process...


Broadcast requires a lot of specialized hardware and software to keep the signals...


Construction requires not only a robust network, but also access to the data...


Engineering is especially challenging with requirements for a high end workstation...


People's pets are part of their families and part of ours too. Just look...

Seasonal Businesses

Most Managed Services plans focus on the price before the service. Their #1 selling...

Why Partner With Information Technology Solutions

We have been taking care of businesses' technology needs since 1984.

Our Company and Our Culture

We exist to take care of our customers' technology, and we are very good at what we do.  When you partner with IT Solutions you get a team of people working together to take care of your technology needs.

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Our Team Leaders

The key word here is “Team”.  Everyone at IT Solutions works together as a team to take care of our customer’s technology needs.

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Top Ten Reasons to Partner with IT Solutions

If IT Solutions did things the same as others, how could they expect better results?  We don’t do things the same as others, so we do get better results for our customers.

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Understanding Technology Terms

When you’re considering working with IT Solutions or another technology company, it’s helpful to do your research.
You may come across terminology that’s new or confusing.

Let’s even the playing field. We’ve "pulled back the curtain" to assist you when making any comparison between IT Solutions and other companies.

Managed Services

At IT Solutions, we get better results for our customers, simply because we take a different approach to managed services than others.

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Many people think they will save money by waiting for something to break before spending any money on IT services, but the reality is in the end it costs more.

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Help Desk

More often than not, a Help Desk is more like a Hold Desk. When you call, you are often put on hold waiting to get transferred to someone, and when you get someone, they are likely to put you on hold again because they can’t help you.

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Service-Level Agreement

When your technology is not working it impacts your ability to get your job done. An SLA is a guarantee as to how fast your IT company will START working on your problem. Would you rather that start time be hours or minutes?

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Preventative Maintenance

Do you change the oil in your car even when it is running fine?  Do you get your teeth cleaned even when they are not having any problems?  Of course you do, and you should be doing the same with your technology.

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What Our Clients Say…

In June of 2019, a couple months after we took over managing a network for a new client, and fixed all their problems, we asked the owner how their network was running. His reply was, “My network has not worked this well since 2006 when I only had one computer.”

Dr. Wayne A. Owner
Company has been a customer since 2019

I was working out of state on a big job and a sub-contractor’s notebook had a problem. We could not start working on the project until we got this problem fixed, and we were burning about $1,000/hr doing nothing. He called the IT provider for his company and was told he needed to bring the computer to them, a six hour drive away.

I tried calling my company’s IT provider, but I could not get through to an actual person, just a person saying they would call back in 1-2 hours. So I called IT Solutions, the IT company my wife’s business uses, and Ray had the problem fixed over the phone in less than 10 minutes. If not for Ray, the project would have lost a day and racked up thousands of dollars in costs. Ray saved the day!

Shaun K. Project Manager & Estimator
(Company is not a customer, yet)

Text Message to Ray: "I want you to know that I really value and appreciate you and your guys.  I couldn’t do what I do without you."

Tucker B. Engineer
Company has been a customer since 1986

IT Solutions has been great to work with. Always get an actual tech when we call for service and the response times are very quick. Techs are very knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend IT Solutions for computer/network needs.

Ryan K. Engineer
Company has been a customer since 2002

IT Solutions has been great to work with. Our system was a mess when Ray and his staff took over the account. They explained what they were proposing in terms a non-computer person can understand. Shortly after we were involved in a license audit. Again, IT Solutions walked us through the process. It was a long process because of our previous provider. Ray worked with us and arranged everything with Microsoft and now we are good to go. Highly recommend IT Solutions for your computer/network needs.

Scott S. Owner
Company has been a customer since 2017