If you need your computers at your business to work, you need IT Solutions!


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IT Solutions can show you how a properly configured and maintained computer network can make your employees five to fifteen-percent more productive, which you can see on your bottom line. 

For more information on how IT Solutions can free you from the burden of dealing with technology so you get back to work, please give us call. 

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IT Solutions
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A lot has changed since IT Solutions started helping Iowa businesses with their technology needs in 1984. We used to have to wait for customers to call and let us know they had a problem that needed to be fixed. Now we use state of the art monitoring that alerts us to many of our customers’ problems before our customers know about them so they can be fixed fast, before they impact our customers’ ability to take care of their customers. We also proactively work on our customer’s system to check things we know that break a lot, and take care of them before they break. Our goal is to make sure it doesn’t break in the first-place.


At IT Solutions we know computers, switches, routers, firewalls, phones, etc. When you partner with IT Solutions to manage the computer network at your office, we become your own personal IT staff. We take care of our customers’ technology needs so you can focus on your customers.


Whether you have a dozen computers or a couple hundred computers, we have a plan that will work for you.


Essentials Plan

  • Windows/Mac updates
  • Updates for basic surfing tools
  • Scans for corruption in your Windows OS
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Local and remote backups. 
  • Any additional work you need done is billed on an hourly basis at a discounted hourly rate

Contract Plan

  • Includes everything in the Essentials Plan, plus:
  • An allocation of hours each month at an even lower hourly rate, customized to your needs.  Any unused hours roll over to the next month as long as you are an IT Solutions customer. Bundling hours into your plan makes your monthly bills more consistent.

Flat Rate Plan

  • Includes everything in the Essentials Plan.
  • All covered services at a fixed monthly rate.  Each customer’s needs are different so we work with you to determine your needs and develop a custom plan.