Many business owners and managers have heard this term, and some have experienced it.  Until one experiences managed IT services from IT Solutions, they have not experienced the best in managed services. IT Solutions is a true Managed Services Provider. We manage networks for businesses across Eastern Iowa and beyond. Managed Services means we don’t sit around and wait for you to tell us you have a problem. We make extensive use of active monitoring 24/7 to alert us to your technology problems and in most cases we are working on fixing them before you even know you have a problem. More than 70% of the work we do is initiated through active monitoring of either your network or others. 

Managed Services means we focus on your technology so you can focus on your business and customers. Keeping your technology working keeps you working.   We also monitor your ISP’s network so we can call them and tell them where their problems are so they can get them fixed faster for you.

IT Solutions also works on-demand, as needed for our clients. When you need help with something we were not able to detect or anticipate, we are here and available to help.

To make sure everything is done right, we take care of installing new equipment, replacing old equipment, network upgrades and more.  We believe, “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” so we do it.  If there is something we can’t do, like electrical work that requires a licensed electrician, we will bring someone in, tell them what needs to be done, and make sure it is done correctly.

IT Solutions takes care of everything on your network and more. We eliminate points of failure by building in redundancy. Network backups are fully managed, monitored and verified.  We don’t wait until you need to recover your data to make sure there are no problems with your backups.  They are checked daily.

Best solutions come from best practices. We take the time to carefully document your network, and our work, so any IT Solutions technician can help you when you need help. Plus, with low employee turnover, our team is well-acquainted with our clients' technology.

Best practices also lead to longevity. Our top ten customers have all been customers for over 15 years-- some more than 35 years!

Over 99% of all calls for support are answered by a technician who can immediately start working on whatever you need.  Our monitoring is so advanced that our techs spend less than 10% of their time answering calls from customers.