IT Solutions has been helping businesses with their technology needs for almost four decades. We really do monitor our client's networks and find and fix over 70% of their problems before they need to contact us.  We are constantly enhancing our monitoring systems to improve the reliability of our clients' networks.

It is a lot easier to put words on a website than to actually do what those words say. We are proud to say, we have never had a Help Desk, or more accurately a Hold Desk for most people.  Our clients always get Help Now.

Our Help Now instead of a Hold Desk system only works if we really are monitoring and proactively fixing things on our clients’ networks. It only works if we have already fixed the problems on their networks that caused them to contact us in the first place, if we keep them fixed, and if we have added the redundancy they need to get the reliability they need.

If you are here because you are currently having a problem, and need Help Now, we will do what we can do help you, but to get Help Now instead of Hold Desk every time you need help, we need to be doing for you all the same things we do all day every day for all of our long term clients. What we do really does work, which is why clients stay with us for decades.

Please use the form on the right to contact us so we can learn what your needs are and then we can let you know how we can help you significantly reduce the number of times you need to reach out for help, get you Help Now every time, never a Hold Desk, improve the reliability of your technology, and let you focus on getting your work done.